…And So The Blogging Begins

It’s been roughly four years since I’ve attempted the feat of creating a blog. Little freshman me had no clue what she was doing so my first attempt at a baking blog entitled “Cloud Nine Cupcakes” was an utter disaster. I believe I made it through two posts before giving up on the poor thing. And maybe that was a blessing seeing as how over the last four years my photography, and skills in the kitchen, have improved tremendously. My main issue was not a lack of things to say (lord knows that’s never really been a problem for me) but an overall lack of computer and technological knowledge. This time I’m determined to conquer the computer. I’m just hoping it won’t be as hard as conquering the kitchen.

  The first year of Kate in the kitchen I’m sure scared my mother half to death. I have no doubt that in the back of her mind she was imagining a grease fire as I made Churros for the first time. Much to her relief I did NOT burn the kitchen or house down. Although there may have been a small amount of smoke lingering on the first floor that afternoon… Mistakes have definitely been a part of my time in the kitchen and still are today. I continue to learn about the chemistry and magic of baking and enjoy every bit of it. So here’s to a (hopefully) successful blog where I can share some wonderful recipes, and pictures, with all of you!

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