As Luck Would Have It

Ironically, Friday the 13th has turned out to be an incredibly lucky day for me. I was all too pleasantly surprised this morning when I checked my blog stats and saw that there were many visitors from all over the world. I was awestruck by the sudden boom of international views and couldn’t figure out what had spurred such an event. As I scrolled down my stats page I saw something truly beautiful. Under the column that shows me where people are finding my blog (i.e. twitter, facebook, etc.) I saw Foodgawker listed!

Foodgawker, for anyone who is not familiar with the site, is a place where bloggers can submit photos of their recipes and links to their blog. Many of the recipes I use I get from here since a majority of them are from blogs. I prefer to get recipes from blogs because I know nobody would post a recipe that doesn’t work or turn out well. I’ve been avidly using the site for about 2 years now and I absolutely love it. There’s even an app which makes it easily accessible from just about anywhere.


photo 1 (1)

It’s not a piece of cake getting published on their site though. They are notoriously picky about which photos make the cut. Many times photos are tossed aside for not being bright enough, sharp enough, or interesting enough. This was the third time I had attempted to submit a photo and I didn’t really have any big expectations. The fact that I did in fact get published though is a huge deal. I was over the moon with excitement mainly because it’s such a huge honor and also because this means lots of new traffic for the blog. Already at only 11:00 I’ve had 29 visitors from Foodgawker alone.


2 thoughts on “As Luck Would Have It

  1. Congrats, Catherine. That’s really exciting! I’ve yet to venture onto Foodgawker myself because I’m always skeptical about the quality of my pictures haha.

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