“In” and “Out”

After resting in our hotel room for a bit we ventured out and explored the area we’re staying in. Our hotel is just outside the city in a neighborhood called Gallieni. We headed out in search of something to eat and came across an outdoor market. I’m a sucker for outdoor markets, I just love the atmosphere and the personalities of the vendors. There were fresh fruits, fish, and of course, cheeses. At the end of the market was a long line of people at a storefront. Everyone was walking out with wrapped up baguettes ad pristine white boxes. In this situation one can assume that any bakery with a long line of locals is a very good bakery. We waited in line and of course we weren’t disappointed once we got inside. Behind the clear glass counter were rows of perfect little pastries. Among the many on display were lemon tarts, chocolate tarts, berry tarts, chocolate eclairs, nutella eclairs, napoleans, and mille feuille. When we got up to order I began my lesson of what is “in” and what is “out” in Paris. Speaking English (especially in this non-tourist part) is definitely out. I was trying to order a tomato pastry tart for lunch and as soon as I stumbled over the French pronunciations the woman behind the counter rolled her eyes and walked away. She quickly returned though with an english speaking employee which was very helpful, but it was obvious she was quite annoyed. I wasn’t all that offended and honestly felt a little bad. I took only about half a year of french in eighth grade so I don’t know any more than the average tourist. Although store owners deal with English speakers, it is clear that some really don’t enjoy it.

As for what’s “in” in Paris-

  • making out in public (whether it’s ¬†outside a quaint cafe, or while riding up an escalator, couples are all over each other)
  • man purses aka “murses” (I happen to love them, very useful)
  • public transportation (Paris is currently having a little pollution crisis so public transportation like the metro is very much encouraged. This is what we’re using all week and it’s quite easy to figure out, the only downside is the occasional stench of urine…)

Here are some of the pictures I promised. Just a few to start, and most of them are from walking around the Seine. It was beautifully sunny this afternoon and warm enough for just a light jacket or sweater.



3 thoughts on ““In” and “Out”

  1. Great post, Kate! Some interesting tips I’ll keep in mind if I ever venture that way. Though, by the time I do, the “in” and “out” list might be different. Love the photos. You have a great “eye.”

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