Springtime in Paris

Spring break is finally here and I’m officially in Paris. Our flight was saturday night so we arrived here sunday morning. I’m beyond excited to be here, mainly due to the fact that France is the mecca of baking a pastries. A few months ago I looked up everything and anything pastry related. So of course on my “must visit” list are a few baking supply stores. Every girl need a madeleine pan from Paris right? 

This isn’t actually my first time visiting Paris. Six years ago I took a trip with my dad and sister to Germany. It was our first European vacation and we toured all around Germany and Belgium. I even was able to convince my dad to get up at three a.m. one morning so we could drive the 6+ hours to Paris. It was a fairly short day, I think we only spent about 12 hours in the city, but we covered a lot of territory. While sitting at a cafe, breaking for coffee, we talked about coming back in the spring of my senior year. We joked about how cool it would be for my sister to spend her sixteenth birthday in Paris. Well, it’s six years later and here we are, back in the City of Light. My sister will turn sixteen on Thursday and I’m sure it will be a birthday she won’t soon forget.

Pictures will be up soon. I’ll try not to tempt you with too many food/pastry photos…


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