Paris By Mouth

Needless to say much of my Parisian vacation has centered around pastries and baking. I’ve made sure to visit and taste test as many Pastry shops as possible. Thanks to blogs like Paris By Mouth and David Lebovitz I’ve had an excellent guide for where to go and what to try. In case anybody is interested in visiting Paris or is planning to in the future, I’ve made a list of my favorite places and suggestions below. (photos included of course)

Descriptions from top to bottom, left to right-

1. Cafe Creme: I’m not a coffee drinker at home but here, where coffee is truly an art form, I’ve been thriving on it. We typicall stop a few times a day at various cafes to enjoy coffee and recharge. I don’t recommend any cafe in particular since there are so many of them and they’re all so good.

2. Pastry display at Pierre Hermé: This is a must visit if you want to enjoy the fine art of pastries. There are many to choose from and they’re out of this world.

3. Our selection from Pierre Hermé: A coffee mousse tart, a lemon and wild strawberrry mousse tart, and the infamous Ispahan.

4. The Ispahan: This particular pastry is what Mr. Hermé is most known for. He created it himself when studying and working at Ladureé.

5. Deconstructed Ispahan: Rose pastry cream with Lychees (exotic fruit) surrounded by raspberries and sandwhiched between two rose macarons.

6. Mille Feuille Fraise at Ladureé: Mille feuille, when translated, means one thousand leaves. The pastry is layers of caramelized puff pastry, and light strawberry pastry cream. I’ve wanted to make one for a few months now and this was my first time trying the dessert. Ladureé is another very famous pastry shop. This is more of a sit down place though, where as Pierre Hermê is a grab and go.

7. Gelato from Amorino: Ever since my trip to Italy I’ve been obsessed with gelato. Amorino is a chain that can be found all over the world (mainly in Europe). They have some of the best gelato I’ve ever tasted and are famous for how they present it. If you order a cone they scoop the gelato to look like a rose.

**Although not found in Paris (or even Italy!) the best gelato is from Capogiro. This is a small gelato company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Definitely the best gelato in the entire world. Trust me.**


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