Cavatelli alla Bosciaola

Today is study day at SUNY Geneseo, a day where students are given a chance to cram before finals begin. I however have already been forced to take two finals, so I took this opportunity to head to Rochester for the afternoon to hangout with a friend and make handmade pasta. A much better choice if you ask me.

Handmade pasta is one of my favorite things to cook. For someone who’s in the kitchen so much, I really don’t dabble with many savory dishes. Baking’s my thing, and I like to stick with what I know. But when I was living in Rome I had the chance to take a cooking class with Chef Andrea, who was equally as handsome as he was talented. Andrea taught us a handful of recipes, including this handmade pasta with mushrooms and sausage. It’s very VERY easy to learn a recipe when a handsome Italian man is giving you step by step instructions. The pasta dough is simply semolina flour and water, no eggs. It’s kneaded, rolled out, cut, and rolled again on a pasta board (or fork) to make ridges. The sauce is just a easy, and can be done in just one pan. Olive and garlic are heated before adding chunks of sausage. Once the sausage is browned sliced mushrooms are added and cooked until tender, with a generous splash of white wine. The pasta only needs 5-7 minutes to boil, and then can be tossed in with the mushrooms and sausage.

This is simple enough to make alone, but its always better to have another set of hands to help when working with pasta dough. Once it’s made it’s important to work quickly so it doesn’t dry out.





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